Orthodontic Dentistry

The presence at the counter of a man asking Michelangelo entrecanollamado hair appointment for an orthodontic seems to support eldato. In the last decade, the number of adults who have visited unortodoncista has tripled. On the wall above the counter there unafotografía of a young blond hair in a position to take a bite in the air yel label: “I love my smile.”

According to the latest annual report of deortodoncistas group, the number of dental corrections to over 18years has increased to 35% of the total in a market traditionally copadopor insecure and concerned about their popularity in class teenagers, quehace ten years they placed 8 10 dental appliances in Spain.

The reasons for this increase in the number of adults quedeciden be apparatus are attributable both to improve technical and aesthetic, the brackets (small pieces of metal or ceramic that adhere to dientey fix the wire) as the emergence of new techniques such as the ortodonciade lingual arch which, compared to traditional braces, the aparatocorrector is attached to the back of the tooth or correctorasinvisibles splints. Of course, do not forget that well-placed teeth sedesgastan less, have less risk of tooth decay and tartar buildup less.

The Bio clinic, located on a lower floor of deSalamanca neighborhood is the most transparent corrective splints placed enEspaña, with about a thousand. The Michelangelo is orthodontist Dr. Kamran “Kamy” Malekian, the “king of Invisalign.” “We’ve gone from 80% of women and 20% men to 65% women and 35% of men, it is a sign that men seempiezan to worry more about their appearance,” says Malekian.

Despite this increase, the average profile of queopta patient by an invisible treatment is still a woman, 25 to 45 years queacude specialist with more aesthetic ambitions médiwcas and ready agastar a little more money in exchange for taking an apparatus as discretoposible.

Dentally speaking, orthodontists often consideraradulto any individual older than 14 years, the age at which habitualmentese complete the permanent dentition of 28 pieces. Before 14, it is still the traditional máspopular corrector: brackets, rubber and wire. Elpaciente adult can choose, depending on your budget, needs or requisitosestéticos between treatment with brackets, buccal or lingual, or optarpor a transparent aligner splint. Whatever the choice, the procesoinicial is the same. First a complete clinical examination of the face, teeth, bones, gums and joints of the mouth is performed. You are tomanfotografías face and inside the mouth, x-rays of the teeth andthe head in profile. Finally, the molds of the two arcadasdentales introduced into the patient’s mouth taken cuvette, filled with a powder pastade arginate and water in its kind versions you have a achicle aftertaste.

For both adults and adolescents, making quesigue popular is its price bracket. The traditional orthodontic treatment more affordable, depending on the complexity of the case (directly proportional to the time required, usually between one and tresaños) the price is between 1,800 and 4,000 euros.

The antistatic component has suavizadoen brackets recent years with the advent of metal but Damon pequeñosy shortening the duration of treatment and ocerámicos aesthetic brackets. Paradoxically, it has even gained aesthetic value between pacientesque opt for bright colors for the rubber bands that keep elalambre plated metal braces or a gold alloy. Some of estosextras increase the final price, although the price consultation variasclínicas Madrid showed no significant differences between choosing bracketstransparentes or gold.

Damon metal are the most economical and tratamientosson, usually shorter than with other types of braces. Puedenescogerse plated gold alloy. More visibilidad.Las first few weeks may be uncomfortable. If sores are másirritantes that ceramic.

Tooth-colored ceramic material highly resistant. Elcolor bracket is mixed with the tooth making prácticamenteindistinguible. Cause less irritation and sores that losmetélicos. More expensive. The brackets are manufactured for non yellowing (with coffee, eltabaco or curry) but rubber bands yes they do. They also have greater untamaño to metal and treatment may take longer.

Made sapphire sapphire bracket is the most cristalinode all. More expensive than losmetálicos. If the patient’s teeth are not very white priori, losbrackets may end up highlighting much.